Being a part of a famous hockey family in Canada like The Selkes has its privileges and drawbacks. The privileges include that, for some reason people believe that you have a genetic predisposition for being in the NHL. I can assure you that is not the case for me. Weighing 120 pounds at aged 16 will stop your dreams pretty quickly. Also being the youngest sibling when your older brother already played hockey means that the only way you think you can be different is by HATING hockey and sports for the majority of your childhood. So instead of playing centre for a team in house league I spent my time watching cartoons, playing video games and generally being an all around NERD, minus the glasses and good grades.

If it’s not clear already I used humour and sarcasm as the building blocks of my entire personality, something I’ve been unable to shake going into my adult life. I like to think I’m funny but the reality is that this blog isn’t here to make you laugh, it’s here to keep me sane. It’s somewhere I can post my thoughts on the latest Maple Leafs Games, Video Games I’m currently playing, and anything that’s particularly annoying me lately, (Spoiler Alert: I get annoyed a lot). I hope you enjoy it, because this is a very honest look into the warped space that is my mind. If it was a dispensary, the type of stuff you’d get would really mess you up. Welcome one and all to the nonsense dispensary .