Top 10 Simpsons Episodes of All Time (You Won’t Believe Number 3)

So Game of Thrones is over, I wrote previously about how this season felt rushed. Character development was lacking and the entire geography of Westeros has completely changed apparently. Anyway, it occurred to me that ripping apart a show is a lot easier than admitting all the things a show does right. With that being said, I am going to go IN DEPTH about the best 10 episodes from The Simpsons. My…Power Rankings if you will.

A few things to mention off the bat:

-There’s not going to be anything past like…Season 10 because I mean, as far as I’m concerned The Simpsons died sometime after that

-These are my personal findings they are 100% accurate and if you disagree you’re dumb and should feel dumb.

Now for the Rankings!

10 – Cape Feare

Starting the list off with a bang! Any episode with Sideshow Bob is just going to be funny, Sideshow Bob and Mr Burns are really the only pure villains in Springfield and Sideshow Bob is definitely the better of the two. Sideshow Bob allows for Bart to be his best, he’s still a rebellious punk but he’s smart too. Not smart like Lisa but more…clever. It’s one of the pitfalls of later seasons where Bart becomes a miniature Homer, just a shallow idiot. Cape Feare hits all the high notes of a Sideshow Bob episode, the hand drawn notes from Bob, the parody of horror movie tropes where Bart keeps getting threatened, (HEY BART WANNA SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK), just pure gold.

Also the episode opens with a McBain late night talk show, and that’s just amazing.


9 – Deep Space Homer

One of the cliches that came from the Simpsons and seems to have gone to almost every other animated series is “Main Character gets a new job”. The Simpsons has done this a billion times but I don’t think there’s one where Homer is more out of his element than going into space. The other amazing part of this episode is that it predicted the U.S.’ current complete lack of interest in space travel. Homer gets stuck watching a space launch which will have hundreds of applications from “watch making to watch repair.”

Also, like most good Simpsons episodes there’s a heart to the story, Homer’s quest for respect grounds the episode, “Whats the opposite of Pride? Less Shame.” Shout out to Barney Gumble who gets to be a star this episode until non-alcoholic champagne ruins his one shot at fame.  Once Homer gets into space the episode really TAKES OFF (hah), The Inanimate Carbon Rod emerges as a true hero and “careful they’re ruffled” became my go to line every time a bag of chips gets opened near me.

8 – Mr Plow

Just another classic episode, Homer gets another random new job and again a rivalry with Barney ensues. Similar to Bart in Cape Feare, Mr. Plow shows the best of Homer, he’s not smart but he’s at least capable. The Mr. Plow jingle has got to be one of the most famous songs in all of The Simpsons and the episode has one of my favourite scenes of all time. He goes to an Eastern European car lot and honestly…just watch the clip because “Put it in H” is just the best.

7 – Lemon of Troy

This episode encapsulates the best of the children in Springfield. Again, Bart is not an idiot (noticing a pattern here?) and the tribal attitude of the Shelbyville kids vs the Springfield kids is just perfect, it’s like when you saw the kids at the school next to yours. They were practically a foreign power. The nice thing about Lemon of Troy is how the other kids all get their moment in the sun too. Nelson spends his time catching trout and hucking em at cars using toy soldiers, Milhouse’s fantasy involving camouflage and his constant need to make sure Bart uses proper radio technique. Martin probably gets quote of the episode when he names he and Nelson “Team Discovery Channel”.

Other possible contenders for best parts of the Episode:

-“Spring forth my burly protector and save me”

-“Homer, Bart’s quit his tutoring job and joined a violence gang”

-The fight over who started saying Radical

6 – Homer’s Enemy

The introduction of Frank Grimes is easily a top 10 Simpsons moment. It’s one of the first instances where you realise just how nice Homer and his family have it. He’s a nice guy (sometimes) but really Homer is living someone else’s life. He’s unqualified for his position at the plant, he has an amazing wife and kids despite being a terrible father and husband 90% of the time. As Grimey says, “how can you afford all of this?” In this episode, Homer is the villain and Grimey meets a tragic end which is an interesting switch from traditional Simpsons narratives. The entire episode, Grimes attempts to show the rest of Springfield that Homer isn’t the guy we should be cheering for. The only problem for Grimes is…no one else cares. This is all perfectly encapsulated by the Nuclear Power Plant Design Contest.


5 – Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment

I think everyone I know who watches The Simpsons has this in their top 5. The Beer Baron is a great episode for a variety of reason. 1) It has Homer as an unlikely anti-hero where once again, he’s not an idiot. 2) The bowling ball liquor delivery system. 3) When Homer starts making his own booze he calls one of them 12-year old scotch, I love that joke. 4) Lastly the Beer Baron himself, it’s always funny taking a seemingly normal personal and dropping them in Springfield. Rex Banner isn’t normal but he’s the perfect straight man to both Homer and Chief Wiggum who really shines this episode after Banner takes his job.

4 – And Maggie Makes Three

I wanted to rank this episode a lot higher but the other ones are just far and away funnier. Maggie Makes Three is the episode that to me, defines the heart of The Simpsons, it’s what makes The Simpsons more than Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers. Sure the show is funny but this episode really hit close to home. Homer leaves his dream job to go work at a place that was his personal hell all for his new daughter. The episode does a great job showing you just how happy Homer is at Barney’s Bowling Alley and then takes it away from him. I won’t go any further into how much this episode tugs at my heart strings but I will say I always figured this is how my Dad felt working to provide for me and my two siblings. I don’t think his dream was to work in an office but I think he did it because it provided for what really mattered to him.

3 – Homer at the Bat

This is the single best guest star episode of any show…ever. Burns hires a bunch of pro baseball players in order to win the company softball game. I love how every star has their own ridiculous series of events leading to the Power Plant employees getting their roster spots back, except of course for Homer. Homer at the Bat amazingly parodies some of the more…eccentric parts of baseball. Mr Burns turns into a coach who is so slavish to numbers he takes out Strawberry and puts in Homer because Homer hits from the opposite side of the plate, “It’s what good managers do to win baseball games.” (Hear that hockey stats guys? This is what you’re going to become).

Quote of the episode goes to “Mattingly shave those sideburns”

2 – You Only Move Twice

This was my favourite episode for a really long time. It’s one of the great What If’s in television history, “what if you worked for a Bond Villain”. I love that Homer A) Loves Working for Scorpio and B) Is really good at it. Hank Scorpio is my favourite side character ever. Not just because of his Megolomania but I love that he actually likes Homer and gives him the Denver Broncos. The other great part of the episode is the rest of the family’s inability to cope with the move away from Springfield. Bart can do no wrong which ruins his identity, Lisa is allergic to all of the flowers and nature which she formally loved and Marge realises with nothing to do at home her identity as a house wife is basically meaningless. The best part of it is rather than try to cope or create new identities they just make Homer move back.

1 – A Milhouse Divided

This takes the cake as my favourite episode. Kirk Van Houten in this episode hits the perfect blend of futility and general depression, he’s hilarious. I have literally watched my uncle have that exact same pictionairy-fueled meltdown when he tried to draw a Boat Ramp and my aunt couldn’t figure out what it was. Then, I can’t decided which joke I like more: when he creates his own album “Can I Borrow a Feeling?” or when he brags to Homer  that he “Sleeps in a race car.” While both of those are good they don’t compare to literally my favourite scene in all of The Simpsons. The guy loses his job at a cracker factory after his wife leaves him, because they don’t know if single people like crackers. I can’t explain why, but that joke gets me everytime.

So that’s it. My Simpsons power rankings! These are final and if anyone disagrees with me, it’s time to rethink your life.


Also, I also watched IT this weekend and it was a load of crap so umm honestly don’t watch IT. Maybe I’ll do a full review of it next week but I would really just rather forget I wasted my time on it.


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