Why Start a Blog?

I don’t think I’m especially interesting. I don’t think the masses are clamouring for another blog from a white middle class male, as far as I know that demographic is pretty well represented. I wanted to start a sports blog initially but really, how many more of those do we need? Then I thought, hey what about a video game blog? Again, I think that’s a road that has seen more traffic than the 401 during rush hour. What I hope this blog can do is add some reason and common sense to the world. I know I’m not going to be the rallying leader for a world wide revolution but I’m hoping maybe you’ll read a review of The Avengers and think “damn, that handsome blogger was right, its NOT a good movie and we should stop accepting comic book movies every 3 months”.

Maybe, you’ll read a post and think, “Hmm we ARE arguing about stupid hockey stats too much” or “this guys right, Community was one of the best shows ever made”. As you can see, being right is very important to me, probably the most important thing after being funny and handsome. I wish I had more of a theme for this, but really this is just a glimpse into my mind and what I’m thinking about at any given time. It’s like an elongated tweet, which is probably the most terrifying thing ever.

Like I said before, this blog is going to be honest. That means I’m going to use some “adult” language, because when you’re with your friends you don’t censor yourself, and that’s what you readers are, my new friends. You’re going to learn some things about childhood and how hard it was being a middle class white kid in the GTA, honestly I can’t express to you how difficult that was. My high-school had 900 kids in it, 900, I mean imagine trying to blend in with all the other kids when there’s only 900.

I’m going to try to keep posts  separate so I won’t flip from sports to movies to video games all in the same post but really what can you do to stop me? I guess not read…you could that…please don’t do that..

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this weird adventure I’m going to embark on. You’ll learn a lot about me and hopefully I’ll learn something about me.



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